Traxxas Revo 3.3 #5309 – First Glance

Traxxas Revo 3.3

The new Revo 3.3 is now 10% larger than the previous version of the Revo, making it both wider and taller.  The new size should give it more stability due to the extra 1 inch in width the new Revo 3.3 now boasts.  More importantly, the overall size increase should also make it even more fun for Bashing.

New ProGraphix Painted Body

The new Revo 3.3 comes with a professionally painted ProGraphix body with fully applied decals.  The body comes in 4 color variations although it may not be easy to track down a very specific color you’re looking for.

New TQ 2.4Ghz 3-Channel Transmitter and Mini Receiver

tra2225The next thing Traxxas upgraded was their radio system.  The new Revo 3.3 now comes with the Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz 3-Channel Transmitter Radio.

The radio uses DSS (digital spread-spectrum) technology which was designed to provide glitch-free control with no hassle crystal-free operation.

The system also has electronic trim controls, a low-battery indicator, servo-reversing ability, and a grip-mounted third channel switch.

The other cool thing about the 2.4GHz radio systems is that the antennas are much smaller compared to the old radio systems.

Paired up with the radio comes a 4-channel 2.4 GHz Mini Receiver which has dual-steering-servo inputs as well as built-in programmable failsafe circutry.  The failsafe circutry is there to turn the throttle to neutral in the even the receiver loses connection with the radio for whatever reason.

Just like the radio, the mini-receiver does not have a crystal so there is worry about finding a free frequency like the old radios.  You just switch on the radio and the mini-receiver automatically locates and syncs up with it.

New Dual Digital, High-Torque, Waterproof, Ball-Bearing Steering Servos

These steering servos produce 125 oz.-in. of torque each for a total of 250 oz.-in. of total torque for turning the tires.  I have to admit, that’s pretty impressive. The servos have ball-baring output shafts, and they’re also waterproof, which makes them perfect for Bashing!

The Savage-X I have only came with a single low-torque servo and I already had to buy high-torque servo for it that I’ll be replacing soon as the one it comes with just doesn’t cut it.  These dual servos on the new Revo should be a huge improvement on that.

New Geode™ Wheels and 6.3″ Maxx Tires

The new Geode™ wheels that come with the Revo 3.3 have an extra half-inch offset on each side which is what increases the Revo 3.3’s width by a full inch, which gives it more stability when Bashing and fast-speed cornering is involved.

The 6.3″ Maxx Tires give you the best of both worlds, whether you end up driving on pavement or dirt.  Made from a soft-compound, the tires provide good traction on both surfaces.

New Heavy-Duty Reversing Transmission with OptiDrive®

Since I’m not a racer, I love having the ability to go in reverse on my cars, so this addition is another reason the new Revo will probably make a perfect RC Car for all kind of Bashing fun.

This new reversing transmission has an electronic module in it that prevents you from accidentally shifting into reverse at high speeds.  The module won’t allow you to shift into reverse until the vehicle has slowed down to a safe speed for shifting into reverse.

Now Includes NiMH Receiver and EZ-Start Battery Packs

The package also comes with NiMH batteries for the EZ-Start electric engine starting system and the on-board radio gear. Both batteries are rechargeable and the package comes with included wall chargers. The only batteries that are not included in the package are the 8 AA batteries you’ll need for the radio.

Now Includes Fuel Bottle, Spare Glow Plugs and Air Filter Elements

The whole point of this new Revo 3.3 package is to go beyond the concept of a “Ready-To-Run” package, taking it into the new “Ready-to-Drive” stage where you have pretty much everything you need to get going right away.

With most RTR packages there’s always something you still need to pick-up separately, such as the batteries, fuel bottle, glow plugs and air filters. Well, in this package Traxxas just included it all in the package so you don’t have to purchase them separately. They throw in a 500cc fuel bottle with a blue-anodized spout, a spare Glow Plug, and spare Air Filter Elements.

Pretty much the only thing you will need that’s not included in the box is the Nitro Fuel and the 8 AA batteries you’ll need for the radio.

Besides all the Revo 3.3 (#5309) extras featured above, the Revo 3.3 package also comes standard with all the usual Revo 3.3 goodies, including:

  • TRX® 3.3 Racing Engine
  • Mirror-Polish Resonator Dual-Chamber Aluminum Pipe
  • Large High-Volume Dual-Stage Air Filter
  • EZ-Start® Electric Start
  • 150 cc Fuel Tank
  • Hard-anodized, Teflon®-Coated GTR Shocks
  • Smooth and Durable TiN Shock Shafts
  • Aluminum 17mm Splined Wheel Hub and Hex Nut
  • Large 6×13mm Outer Axle Bearings
  • Steel Pivon Ball Retainers
  • 3D Semi-Monocoque Chassis
  • Large Diameter Disc Brake
  • Sealed Limited Slip Differentials
  • Super-Duty Sealed Driveshafts
  • Sealed Pivot Ball Suspension
  • Progressive-2 Rockers for balanced Handling in All Conditions
  • 4.25″ Ground-Clearance
  • Rubber-Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Hex-Hardware
  • Pro-Quality Tools
  • Traxxas Customer Support

Quick Info on the Traxxas Revo 3.3 (#5309) 4WD Monster Truck

  • Road Type: Off-Road
  • Engine Type: Nitro.  TRX® 3.3 Racing Engine
  • Chassis Style: Monster Truck
  • Build Type: RTR
  • Scale: 1/10th
  • Drive Train: 4WD
  • Reverse: Yes!

Quick Specs:

  • Wheelbase: 348 mm
  • Length: 525 mm
  • Weight: 4.75kg (no fuel)
  • Center Ground Clearance: 108 mm
  • Track: 444.5 mm Front, 447 mm Rear
  • Gear Ratio: 25.55:1 (1st) and 16.31:1 (2nd)
  • Suspension: Fully Independent Progressive 2 Rockers
  • Drive Train: Shaft Driven 4WD
  • Tire Type: Geode™ Mirror-Chrome Wheels
  • Motor: TRX® 3.3 Racing Engine w/ EZ-Start®
  • Radio: Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz 3-Channel Radio
  • Servos: Dual Digital, High-Torque, Waterproof, Ball-Bearing Steering Servos

I’m pretty excited about this one.

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