MBX5T With No Engine

Two years ago I picked up this Mugen Seiki MBX5T Prospec kit and finished building it to the point where I needed to install an engine.

Unfortunately, the engine mount that came with the kit did not fit the Axial engine I bought so I had to put the build on hold to find a proper engine mount or to modify the engine mount that came with the kit.


After a couple of weeks of looking around for an engine mount kit that would fit, I realized (1) I needed to make my own by cutting the one that came with the kit, and (2) it was time to invest in a Dremel drill.

Another week or so passed before I picked up a Dremel drill, but before I had the time to make the engine mount modifications I had to put my RC hobby on hold to focus on a new business venture I had started.  Summer turned to fall and fall turned to winter, and now here I am almost two years later with a brand spankin new Mugen MBX5T that’s 90% built except that it has no engine.

So, this will be one of my projects I’ll be working on in the next while to get this little rocket running.  Here are some pictures I took of my Mugen in my back yard.  It looks so bare with no engine and with the unpainted body.

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