Axial Infrared Temperature Gun


I bought this Axial Infrared Temperature Gun (AX20000) so that I can monitor the temperature on my nitro engines.  I’ve had it for a couple of years and I’ve found it very useful. I know there are RC Car gurus out there that can tune and tweak their nitro engines just by listening to them hum, but personally I prefer to be able to measure the temperature of my engine so that I can see how any adjustments I do affect the temperature.  Using a temperature gun like this is also a good way to learn more about nitro engines and what makes them tick.

Basically how these guns work is that you point the sensor at the engine, press the button, and within seconds the temperature gun tells you how hot your engine is running.  The sensor does not touch the engine, it just has to be near it. I once saw a similar instrument used at a grocery store by the manager going around checking the temperature of the frozen foods in their freezers.

Axial Infrared Temperature Gun Features:

  • Temperature Rage of 0 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Operates in either Celsius or Fahrenheit mode
  • Accuracy of +/- 3%
  • Dimensions of 15mm x 100mm (1.5cm x 10cm)
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • Protective Metal Case

The Good

  • Good battery life.  I’ve had it for over 2 years and included batteries are still running strong.
  • Super easy to use.  Point it at the engine.  Press the button.  You’ve got a readout in seconds.
  • Small, compact, easily fits in your pocket.  About the size of a thick pen.
  • Looks nice, not as clunky as some other temperature guns out there
  • Very nice protective carrying case
  • Good quality for price
  • Auto shut off

The Bad

  • Would have been nice if the digital display was back-lit.  Normally not a huge problem except if you plan on RC bashing after dark.
  • I like wearing the lanyard around my neck.  Would have been nice if it had an easier on/off clip that separates the temp. gun from the lanyard.
  • Would be nice to be able to shut it off by holding the button down for a few seconds.  Has auto-off though after about 15 seconds.

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