Tamiya TRF801X

Tamiya TRF801X

Although Tamiya TRF801X probably targets racers more than RC Car Bashers, I’m a total sucker for any kind of kits that are coming out in a hobby now mostly dominated by RTR’s, so I decided to take a quick glance at this buggy.

Besides being another 1/8th scale racing buggy kit, what makes the Tamiya TRF801X different? Well, the first thing Tamiya did differently is they put a 15 degree slant on the engine mount to help optimize the lateral weight distribution of the buggy. The other thing the TRF801X has is two different locations for your receiver battery which allows you to customize your weight distribution.

Those are the two unique features of this buggy, but of course there are many other features listed below.  I’d love to get one of these kits in for review, if nothing else to at least get to build the thing.  I love building kits. 🙂

After you take a glance, leave a comment below and tell me what you think of Tamiya’s new kit.

Quick Info on the Tamiya TRF801X

  • Road Type: Off-Road
  • Engine Type: Nitro
  • Chassis Style: Buggy
  • Build Type: Kit
  • Scale: 1/8th
  • Drive Train: 4WD
  • Reverse: No
  • Availability: May / June 2009

Quick Specs:

  • Wheelbase:  320mm – 327mm
  • Width:  495 mm
  • Length:  307 mm
  • Dry Weight:  Depends on Engine & Electronics
  • Gear Ratio:  11.34:1
  • Fuel Capacity:  125cc
  • Engine Size: .21 – .28cc

Kit Features:

  • Features a 15 degree engine mount. The 15 degree engine mount will optimize the weight distribution of the buggy for better lateral weight distribution.
  • The 801X incorporates two receiver battery locations in order to provide the ability to adjust weight distribution.
  • Highly rigid 3mm A7075 anodized duralumin chassis.
  • Machined aluminum shock towers, front steering knuckles, and engine mount.
  • Full ball bearings.
  • Chassis side guards.
  • Low wear, efficient straight line drive train and universal drive shafts.
  • Carbon fiber upper deck and servo tray.
  • Fully sealed box for electronics.
  • Equipped with sealed bevel differential gearboxes.
  • Uses spiral cut ring and pinion gears.
  • Uses a universal joint for the front and rear drive shafts and the propeller shaft.
  • 3 shoe aluminum clutch
  • Aluminum dampers w/ shaft boots.
  • Locknut captured suspension hinge pins.
  • 15mm large volume shocks with shaft boots.
  • Uses a 17mm hex wheel hub.
  • Dual 32mm brakes and a turnbuckle brake linkage system.
  • Adjustable turnbuckle linkages.
  • Equipped with front and rear stabilizers.
  • High volume air filter.
  • Low profile polycarbonate body and a high down force wing.
  • Decorative body stickers.

What You’ll Need:

Nitro Engine .21-.28cc, Manifold & Pipe, Fuel filter, Glow Plugs and Glow Plug Ignitor, Two Channel Radio with Two High Torque Servos, 6.0 V Receiver Battery (2×3 Config), Tires & Wheels, Nitro Fuel, 1/8th Scale Starter Box, Paint for Polycarbonate Body

See the TRF801X in action:

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