Monthly Archive: April 2015

10 Fun Things to do with an RC Car

Having an RC car is a lot of fun. There are a lot of things that can be done with it, too, to make it even more entertaining. While many people like to stick with the classic races, others prefer to really get involved with their RC car hobbies. Here are the top ten things veteran hobbyists like to do with their RC cars, just for the fun of it. #1 – Build a ramp. Ramp jumps are the most fun for RC enthusiasts, because RC cars can do things that would...

Beginners Guide to RC Helicopters

Ok, I know this is an RC Car Blog, but a lot of folks who are into RC cars are also interested in learning more about helicopters.  Since I have some experience in both, I thought I’d write a getting started guide. Being new to a fun and exciting hobby like RC Helicopters is…well…fun and exciting! But there are some things that the seasoned pros wished they knew when they were just starting. Things that would have made the first flights more entertaining and time-saving – if they’d only knew. Below are...

The Greatest RC Car Chase Ever

Amazingly well produced movie involving HPI RC cars (and 1 helicopter).  Great filming and editing. Here’s the behind the scenes video as well Really great work.