E-Revo Brushless Race Build

See the original build of this car here.

This build varies somewhat from the old dual Mamba Max brushless build. It now uses a single 1/8th scale brushless motor instead of the dual 1/10th scale brushless motors, and has a fair number of hop-ups specifically geared towards racing. I’ve lowered the chassis as low as possible without sacrificing rebound, geared the RC for acceleration, and put step-pin style wheels on for increased handling on dirt tracks.


  • RPM A-Arms (Front)
  • RPM Tru-Track Rear
  • Spektrum DX3R Transmitter/Receiver
  • Orange/Gold Springs on Progressive-2 Rockers
  • Traxxas Sway Bar Kit
  • Traxxas 17mm Hex Hubs
  • Proline Racing LPR Crime Fighter Wheels/Tires
  • Proline Slipstream Racing Body
  • Two Speed Transmission (Soon to be replaced with center Differential)
  • Castle Creations Mamba Monster ESC
  • Castle 1518 1Y Brushless Motor

The Build

We started with our E-Revo M-Twin build, and replaced the stock dual motor mount with a single motor mount.  From there we originally installed a Neu 1512-1Y motor which unfortunately got fried running on 6S for too long.  I sent it out for repair but it fried on it’s first run after coming back from repair.  At the time Castle Creations had a clearance sale on the 1518-1Y motor on it’s web site which I thought was too good of opportunity to pass up.

I definitely don’t get as much top speed as I did with the 1512-1Y, however I do get greater torque and acceleration with the 1518-1Y which is better suited for racing.  We had to modify the rear shock mount to allow for the extra length of the 1518-1Y motor.