E-Revo Dual Mamba Max “M-Twin”

Check out the second part of this build here.

The stock E-Revo was a wonder when it came out.  The first real electric racing truck.  Brushless technology for a vehicle this size wasn’t yet available so we had to improvise to make this thing brushless.


  • Dual Mamba Max ESCs
  • Dual Mamba 5700KV Motors
  • RPM A-Arms (Front)
  • RPM Tru-Track Rear
  • Spektrum DX3R Transmitter/Receiver
  • Orange/Gold Springs on Progressive-2 Rockers
  • Traxxas Sway Bar Kit
  • HPI Phaltline Wheels/Tires (For On-Road)
  • Proline Racing Crime Fighter Wheels/Tires (For Dirt Track Racing)
  • RPM A-Arms & Tru-Track
  • HPI Phaltline Wheels/Tires
  • Proline Racing Crime Fighter Wheels/Tires

The Build:

The stock Titan 550 motors fried after running them through water and getting debris in them on the third run. I was intending to simply replace them with another set of Titans until the Castle/Neu Combo was released, but I couldn’t even get a set of Titans anywhere soon as my LHS’s suppliers were all out. That’s where going with the Mamba Max twin idea come in. I already had a spare Mamba Max 5700 combo from another vehicle that I wasn’t using, and my LHS had one in stock. Two hours later and three of us working on the RC at the LHS, we had a working M-Twin. I can’t say it was the first however, because that morning the Hobby Shop owner had already put a pair of Sidewinder 4600 Combos in his E-Revo. (He likewise fried his motors on the third run)

I’m using a Castle BEC and a variant of the “Unslow Harness” I’ve connect the ESCs power directly together and I use a parallel Y-Harness to power both ESCs. It’s being powered by a pair of Venom 5000mah 7-Cell NiHMs, though I have MaxAmps 4700s as well.

First Run:

I must say this thing flies. It’s easily as fast as a Nitro Revo now. (Which is exactly what I was going for) I’m using 12T pinions and I have the timing on the ESCs set to Lowest.I intend to experiment until I find a good Speed:Temp ratio.