Traxxas E-Revo VXL 1/16th

The stock E-Revo VXL is a powerhouse to be sure, however with the ridiculous amount of power the stock E-Revo VXL has, there’s some shortcomings that result.  The most obvious of this is durability.  If you’re a basher like me you’ll soon find when you hit that jump and don’t land it right, or lose control and it flies into a wall or boulevard, things break.  The other concern is control.

The Build:

The first thing I did was to increase durability. I upgraded the axle carriers and a-arms to RPM Racing parts.  I use these on nearly every RC that I own that they’re available for and I haven’t snapped one yet.  I can’t say that about the stock plastic on any vehicle I run.  There’s been a long standing debate of aluminum parts vs plastic parts for RC Cars, however it’s been my experience that high quality plastic parts hold up to abuse better than metal.  Plastic has room to bend, metal simply snaps.

The second thing I did was re-tune it for handling and control.  Sure it’s really cool to send the car into a flip every time you pull the throttle, but it gets really annoying when you’re actually trying to drive the RC and can’t keep the front wheels on the ground.  To combat the flipping, I replaced the transmission with a center differential which helps keep power to the wheels on the ground.  I also replaced the springs with Traxxas orange and tan springs taking inspiration from the Revo 3.3 platinum that came out a few years ago with the same springs (albeit for a larger vehicle).  Next I replaced the wheels and tires with a set Traxxas Response Pro.  I’ve always preferred step-pin style tires as they seem to have the right amount of grip and slip for most surfaces.

Finally I turned my attention to power.  I didn’t actually have much luck with the stock ESC.  It actually burnt out on me before the second run, and the first run was  on NiMH batteries.  I initially put a spare Mamba Micro Pro in that I had lying around.  This definitely did fine running on 2S but I had the itch for more power.  (Not that this car needs it.  On 2s, it’s still almost uncontrollably quick)  I replaced the bullets on a Mamba Max I had with the 3mm bullets used by the stock motor, disabled the Low Voltage Cutoff, and decided to see what 4S of power would do to this beast of a mini.


I took the car to an empty parking The car bolted off the line, flipping over even with the center differential.  I toned down the throttle for the second run and started it up, slowing ramping up to full throttle, struggling to keep the wheels down. This thing is insane and perhaps a little overkill, but I like overkill.

The final thing I did was to take a pelican style case and cut out the inserts to perfectly fit the E-Revo VXL.  There’s a certain intimidation factor about opening a metal briefcase with a powerful RC inside.  Most people tend to think it’s just the remote.  It’s very satisfying to see this little car flying past 1/18th scales RCs and even outhandling them on the track.

Amazingly thanks to the durability hop-ups I had installed, even with that 4S power, nothing broke.  Traxxas built an amazing 1/16th scale, likely the most advanced mini RC ever built, made even better by hop-up parts from Traxxas, RPM and Castle Creations.

Unfortunately for me, it’s Winter now and I’m unable to enjoy this RC in two feet of snow, however come summer there is definitely more planned for this project and the results of some speed runs will be posted.


RPM Racing A-Arms (Only front presently installed)
RPM Racing Axle Carriers (Only front presently installed)
Traxxas Orange Springs (front)
Traxxas Tan Springs (Rear)
Traxxas Center Differential
Traxxas Response Pro Wheels and Tires
Castle Creations Mamba Max ESC
Turnigy 2200 mAH 2S LiPo Battery (Paired in series for 4S)
Custom Fit Case for RC and Remote