M18 Pro Speed Build

The question of whether or not an M18 Pro can be made into a ridiculously fast car has already been answered. ISC has already crowned Nic Case with the world’s fastest mini, a ridiculously hopped-up M18 Pro with a top speed of 114.1MPH. Such speed is even hard to comprehend on a vehicle this size. Even on the M18 Pro box, it advertises speeds of 70+ KPH (43+ MPH). The question for us became not how fast can it go, people with far more funds, time, and dedication than we have have already answered that question. We wanted to know how fast this little car could go using only parts actually designed for a 1/18th scale vehicle like this, preferably without completely breaking the bank.

The Build:

We started with a stock M18 Pro kit. The kit includes the graphite chassis, wheels, body, and all the rest of the normal things included in a race roller. We had to supply the ESC, Motor, Receiver, Servo, and Battery. We elected to use the following parts for that:

ESC: Castle Creations Mamba Micro Pro ESC
Motor: Dynamite C4 9200kV Brushless Motor
Battery: Rhino 1250mAH 3S LiPo Battery
Receiver: Spektrum SR3500 Micro Receiver
Servo: Hitec HS-225MG Servo

We built this vehicle according to the instructions in the manual to factory specifications. The total build time was about 4 hours, with more of that time than I care to admit taken up by process of sealing the graphite with CA glue.  Then we had to break in the ball differentials very carefully, otherwise the speed we’d be putting through them would destroy them.Originally we installed a Mamba-25 ESC and a 4200kV motor with the intention of long battery life and good handling. The speed was quick enough for racing, even on a 2S LiPo.  It accelerated quickly out of the corners and could hit a reasonable top speed on the straight aways.  This is afterall, what this car is designed to do.  But we wanted more.

A quick parts order and about a week later and the Mamba Micro Pro and Dynamite C4 9200kV motor were in hand. The battery came much later.  We used a 2S LiPo and the speed difference between the 4200kV and 9200kV motor were astronomical.  Easily twice as fast with acceleration like a jet. Still it wasn’t fast enough. A bigger battery was in order. Some quick measurements to figure out just what size of LiPo could find in the battery compartment that was designed for NiMH batteries and a trip to the hobby shop and the Rhino 1250mAH 3s LiPo was found to be the perfect fit  leaving just enough room for the wires not to get caught in the front A-Arms.

The Speed:

Now this is where we’re left wondering.  Building this project in winter simply left us with nowhere to find out the max speed of this RC until the snow melts.