“Unbreakable” Savage Flux HP

To make something actually unbreakable in the world of RC is pretty much impossible.  Sooner or later you’ll find a weak point on every RC that’s going to snap if you impact it the right (or should that be the wrong) way. HPI did a damned good job making the Savage Flux a tough truck.  When I first got mine I put it to the test, much to the chagrin of many YouTube viewers.  People hated me for driving an RC that way, and yet it held up to the challenge with no hop-ups installed.  The only thing that broke was the plastic piece at the end of one turnbuckle.  The rest of the truck fared perfectly with nary more than a scratch.

Fast forward a couple years and this truck has seen several hop-ups and even more abuse.  This truck is my main basher and I don’t show it any mercy.  I’ve killed a-arms, shocks, shock towers, bumpers, snapped several rear tie bars, and even twisted the twin vertical plates.  The stock tires are long since shredded and it’s currently sitting on a spare set of Traxxas Hurricane tires I had bought for my E-Maxx.   It’s been upgraded with RPM A-Arms, metal shock caps, and a rear aluminum shock tower with a front one waiting to be installed.  But I’m not done yet.

Here’s a list of the Hop-Ups so far:

Golden Horizon Savage X Aluminum Shock Tower – GHH2067 (Front)
HPI Metal Shock Caps – HPI86542 (Designed for Hellfire, but fit perfectly on the Savage Flux)
RPM RC A-Arms – RPM82002 & RPM82012 (Front and Rear)
Spektrum SR3000 DSM Receiver -SPMSR3000
Proline Racing Helios Body – PRO327600
Integy HD Rear Hub Carrier – INTT6979 (To eliminate the easily broken rear tie bars)
Traxxas Hurricane Tires – TRA4973R (Now replaced by HPI Racing Mounted Goliath Tires)
Zippy 5000mAh 2S LiPo Batteries
Zippy 5000mAh 3S LiPo Batteries (For speed runs)

Hop-Ups Waiting to be Installed:

HPI Titanium Turnbuckles – HPI93485
Golden Horizon Savage X Aluminum Shock Tower – GHH2067 (Rear)
Now for the fun part.  Figuring out exactly how to make this thing unbreakable. It’s already incredibly durable with the hop-ups installed.  Everything that has broken has already been replaced with an upgraded part, hence why only one metal shock cap and one metal shock tower have been installed. And as you can probably tell from the photos, I haven’t exactly been easy on this truck. From this we know which parts are easily broken though.  To start I’ll be putting metal shock caps all the way around, as well as replacing the rear Shock Tower, and the twin vertical plates.

Hop-Ups On Order:

TCS  5mm Thick Twin Vertical Plates – TCS
RPM RC Skid Plate – RPM73352
HPI Racing Hub Hex Conversion Set 17mm – HPI87229 – Cancelled as these won’t fit the Heavy Duty Dogbones will be replaced by HPI86387
HPI Racing Mounted Goliath Tires – HPI4728 – Now Installed
And a few surprises…

Stay tuned.  This build is just getting started.