RC Car Tips and Tricks

Painting Preparation

  • Always paint the underside of the body
  • All kits which contain window decals for the outside of the body, which can easily be used as inside window masks for a clear window look
  • We highly suggest the use of “Paint for Lexan” be used, as we learned the hard way that standard enamel paint will work, but will not hold up with the beating and banging of actual racing conditions. Lexan bodies will withstand just about anything other than a head-on collision with a brick wall at 50 mph or a garbage truck, but the Lexan paint, applied in thin layers will provide the appearance you will be proud of. This paint is available at most local Hobby stores.
  • Standard masking tape can easily be applied to the underside of the body to create the color scheme of your choice, and be sure to spray the dark color first, if you plan to use more than one color